The Ten Commandments of Parking

1. We will consider the needs of others before the desires of our own.

2. We will reserve designated HANDICAPPED spaces for that purpose.

3. We will not compete to see who gets the parking space(s) closest to the church.

4. we will reserve the BEST spaces for our special guests and visitors.

5. We will leave the closest spaces for those who are less mobile than ourselves.

6. We will park our vehicles carefully to be considerate of our neighbors.

7. We will NOT block others in, especially when parking in the unmarked areas near the Cottage and the Hill House.

8. We will follow the example of our pastor and take the FURTHEST space(s)  leaving the nearer ones open.

9. We will not leave our vehicles parked at the church overnight unless we have made arrangements with the office.

10.  We will only park at the church for church functions and other authorized purposes.

The Church reserves the right to tow vehicles to reduce the increasing encroachment and unauthorized use.