I came to live in the white house on Mt. Pisgah's hill when I was a newborn! There were eight of us in that little house: 2 brothers in the attic, 2 in the basement, and my sister and I sharing the smallest end bedroom. We have great family memories of those years.  Lisa Farabee

My family and I lived in the house when we first came to this country in 1990. It was such a blessing to have a bed to rest in and a warm place to be. But most important was the host of that house, Phil Rovner, wh lways looked for opportunities to help others. It was Phil's magic.  Gloria Graham

I originally thought we should tear the Rovner House down. But after hearing about the possibility of providing family housing in cooperation with SSIHC, I think we should act on one of the major initiatives which Good Shepherd adopted following the 1997 ReVision study:  "Recognizing that Christ calls upon us to minister to those in need wherever they are, we must commit ourselves to expanding interaction . . . between Good Shepherd and the surrounding community."   Barbara Bryant, Millennium 2000 Long-Range Planning Task Force

The institutional church is focused on 'maintaining the institution.'  The missional church is focused on the 'needs of the community.' Good Shepherd UMC had a choice to be an institutional church when it considered building a parking lot. Instead it chose to be a missional church, renovating an old home for families in need. Pastor Anne, Saint Stephen Lutheran Church, Cross Currents newsletter.

It was from Mt. Pisgah that Moses saw the promised land for the first time. Think of the analogy here:  our congregation providing a home on Mt. Pisgah Road for a family whose future may hopefully be full of promise, thanks to a stable home situation. Leilani McConnell, GSUMC Cottage Committee Member

Bless you, Ms. Barker, and your entire Congregation for a job well done!  My brother, Philip Rovner, smiles down upon you and the Cottage he leved, which will now serve people in need.  Millie (Rovner) Cowan

Every day in the US, 100,000 children are homeless.  Good Shepherd has a vision of itself as a church focused on the needs of the community, with the task of providing stability and shelter for one family of homeless children.  Thank you for all the ways you have contributed to that vision and helped with the tasks -- your labor, your contributions, and your prayers.  And thanks to Pastor Dave Stum for your vision!  Nancy Barker, Chair, Cottage Committee
Notes and Reflections  
on the Cottage