Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
"Mt. Pisgah House"
A poem by Sue Jenkins Shawhan
Dedicated to Nancy Barker, Chair, Cottage Committee
August 24, 2003

Long before Good Shepherd was built
The little Cottage stood --
Along Mt. Pisgah's quiet road
In a country neighborhood

Built with solid walls of stone
The foundation once supported
Mt. Pisgah Methodist Episcopal Church
At least that's what's purported!

Those stones were dug from nearby fields
Back in Eighteen Thirty-Seven
Tired, rough, hard-working hands
Raised that Church 'twards Heaven!

Babies were born, and people died
The Civil War took its toll
the little Church lasted 'til 1900
then no folks were left on the roll

With no one to care, Once the Church had lapsed,
It decayed and burnt, into its foundation, collapsed!

The Roaring Twenties gaily arrived
Land was bought by Mr. Gibson
Who built a bungalow 'pon those stones
A house with a future mission!

In the early '50's Good Shepherd was built
Glorious up on the hill
First Pastor had his office in the Cottage north wing
Refurbished, the room's still there!

If walls could speak, we'd learn much more
'bout the people it sheltered and knew
But we are acquainted with Lisa 'n Ms. Butts,
Phil, Gloria, Luz, and Andrew

We bought it, really, to tear it down
More places to park our cars
But its history was sweet,
this house across the street
so we tried looking beyond its scars

The labor's been so tedious and long
Seemingly, without any end
By Pat, Lani, Dave, and Marcie
And all our Cottage Friends

New windows and siding
And a porch -- what a view!
floors, walls and woodwork
Kitchen and bathrooms too!

Shining now, the Cottage stands
Once slated for demolition
But very soon, it'll be a new home
For a family with the Housing Coalition.