Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
Chrismas in April ' 10
We had a group of 23 people volunteer for C in A this year. Eight were people who were volunteering for the first time!  The Penne family, Nathan Block, Gloria Eldridge, Nancy and Jonathon Frame, and Eugene Maddy. The rest of our group were "hard cores" who were back for a repeat visit(s). 

We worked with a great house captain, Mike Roche. He and his company (B. Frank Joy) had adopted the house, so they supplied EVERYTHING we needed, including breakfast and lunch! Wow!

There were lots of projects:  painting (inside and out), fixing ceiling tile, building a wheelchair ramp, repairing lights, putting on new doors, putting on stairway treads, caulking in the bathroom and basement, and always, always . . . cleaning! We also did lots of yard work, including to plant 8 azaleas and lots of other flowers.

Everything was well organized before we arrived. This was the best C in A to date! We hope to work with Mike and his Co. next year!
---Janice Taggart
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