Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
Chrismas in April ' 13
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This marks GS's 16th year participating in Xmas in April.

Many of the people in our group of 20 have participated for multiple years. We all love being able to help someone in our community who isn't financially or physically able to keep up with necessary maintenance or suddenly-needed upgrade, usually for a home-care reason. 

This year we worked with Theresa and Tom Creel. This is our 3rd time with them. The homeowner, Ruby, who now moves with a walker, had been a gardener but because of health decline, she hadn't been able to keep up. The main work was in the yard -- cutting back bushes, weeding, mowing, clipping, and generally sprucing up. We also cleaned out the junk under her deck and moved trash and yard debris to the curb for pick up. Rudy helped make decisions of what to keep and what to toss. 

Pastor Joye gave a fresh coat of paint to a child's play table and chair. We installed a new mailbox on the wall by the door so she wouldn't have to walk down steps.

Inside the house there wasn't too much to be done. There were some doors to be fixed, and some painting upstairs, and some fix-it plumbing. The windows were washed and the blinds were cleaned and rehung. The back deck was scrubbed to remove dirt, grime and some mold. A window air conditioner unit was reinforced with brackets. 

All in all, a busy day and we finished earlier than in some past years. Thanks to all who came out and helped! 

Janice Taggart