Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
Chrismas in April ' 15
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    Nineteen volunteers from GS joined 21 persons from the B. Frank Joy Co. in Hyattsville on April 25. 2015, to freshen and clean up the bungalow of an invalid lady. Teams of workers scrubbed the kitchen, cleaned and repainted the living/dining rooms, plus bathrooms, bedrooms, and halls. We also helped paint the fence at the property line, built and painted railings on side porch, took down a weeded tree, planted and mulched the front foundation, and cleaned the yard. Two truckloads of trash and debris were taken away. Many boxes of excess dishes and other recyclables were boxed for further distribution. 
   We were all very tired by day's end, but buoyed (as always) by the satisfaction of making a difference in someone's life. GS has participated in this annual event for many years. 
   Already looking forward to Xmas in April 2016!

Faithfully, Janice Taggart