Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
Chrismas in April ' 11
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Good Shepherd had 20 people participate in C in A this year. We worked with Mike Roche and the B. Frank Joy construction company again for the second straight year.They had quite a few of their employees working with us and we certainly had plenty of work to do!
GSUMC had a good mix of volunteers. There were several young people -- Felicia Afolabi, Joyce and Valerie Campbell, Carlyle Craig, Denzel Maddy and Will Howard -- as well as our usual group of outstanding adult volunteers.
We worked on the home of a woman with serious health problems. In fact, she was in the hospital on this day, but her son was here to help and to direct.
One of the largest projects was putting up a 150' wooden fence. Luckily, B. Frank Joy Company does excavating so they had all of the right equipment to help faciliate this, including the most helpful, a post hole digger. The other big project was tearing down the roof and sides of a large storage shed and completely rebuilding it. Pat, Godswill, Carlyle, Matt, and Will worked exclusively on this project.
Inside the house, Vernice, Marcie, Felicia, Denzel, Joyce and Valerie cleaned and painted. Mike removed carpets with everyone's help and laid tile. David did some electrical work. Leilani, Christiana, Naya, and Janice worked on the kitchen, which was in desparate need of major cleaning.
Outside, Pastor Joye pained the front porch and steps. Elizabeth, Frances, and Admire cleaned brick pavers and with the help of some of the construction crew, they laid a new brick walkway down the side yard.  They also planted flowers alongside the house and along the sidewalk in the front.
All in all, quite a lot of work was accomplished and we made a big change in the condition of the house and yard. We hope to work with Mike's company again! To quote him, "We never get an easy house."  But he is extremely organized and easy to work with, and he says he likes working with our church group.
--Janice Taggart