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. . . to Good Shepherd United Methodist Church!  We are located in Silver Spring, Maryland, at the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Oakview Drive, which is the 1st traffic signal "inside" (i.e., just south of) the Beltway interchange with I-495 and MD 650 (N H Ave). map and directions

" Moving Ever Godward " is  Good Shepherd's unofficial motto.  Being Godward is not just being religious or spiritual, it's not about obeying rules or living up to a high moral code. It's so much more. It is, we believe, striving always towards the goal of Christ-like living, Christ-like loving, Christ-like forgiving, and Christ-like behavior.  We press on: not upward, but Godward.

This fits with John Wesley's concept of sanctifying grace; that is, the grace that makes us holy, the grace that makes us perfect in love. It is not something we can achieve on our own. "Sanctification," wrote Wesley, "is ours only through the power of God's sanctifying grace." But to receive the grace, we have to accept it.

So our definition of Godward is staying focused on God and allowing God's sanctifying grace to work in us and through us, enabling each of us as individuals and all of us collectively as the church, to reach the goal of perfect love and perfect obedience through the power of the Holy Spirit flooding us with sanctifying grace.

9701 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland  20903-2300     (301) 434-3331 or 3332      Fax (301) 434-1060 

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Sunday Service at 11:30 am

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Good Shepherd      United Methodist Church
Rev. DaeHwa Park

The People of the Methodist Church

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Our Adopted Mission Statement:

"Good Shepherd UMC 
exists to make, grow and nurture disciples of Jesus Christ 
so that lives are transformed."

" God gives us the ingredients
   For Our Daily Bread
   And the Recipe

   But You must roll up your sleeves
   And Knead the Dough
   And Do Your Own Baking!"

--(paraphrased) O. J. Robertson