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The Ten Commandments of Parking at GSUMC

Missions -- "Shoe Box Christmas" 
Missions thought a 'gathering' list would be helpful to you in this annual service project. Items are accepted in Missions box (Narthex) at any time. Print this -- carry it with you as you shop. Consider to pick up these items. . . . 
(Generally small to medium sizes for shipping purposes) 
Feb - Combs, brushes, conditioner, hair ribbons, ponytail holders, clips, and traveling shampoo 
Mar - toothbrushes, toothpaste
Apr - soap, washclothes, deodorant
May - band-aids, antiseptics (Neosporin, Cortaid, etc.)
Jun - small books, hand-held games, activity books, coloring books, teen-interest items
Jul - small toys, cars (Hot Wheels, etc.) , jacks, balls, stuffed animals, teen items. 
Aug - socks, gloves
Sep - pens, pencils, crayons, erasers
Oct - paper, scissors, glue, rulers, pencil sharpeners, small crafts
Nov - scotch tape, Xmas wrapping paper, greeting cards
Shoe box sized Christmas packages are sent to the neediest and poorest communities and Indian reservations, where children may have little or no expectation of Christmas presents. 
An explanation of "Apportionments" The UM Church is a connectional church; i.e., each church is connected to every other congregation through the General Church. (As opposed to a congregational system, wherein, every congregation is independent of one another, such as is the case in the Southern Baptist Church.)  Our apportionments reflect our share of the costs of the general ministry of the UM and Balt-Wash Conference.  Each conference has the ability to determine how costs are apportioned.  The B-WC has chosen to use the amount that churches spend on themselves as the apportionment basis. Ours is 24%; based on spending on Pastor's compensation, staff salaries, program expenses and operating expenses. Money we spend on capital improvements or money we give away is not included in the formula. Contrary to some views that it is a "tax", the apportionment is our contribution to the larger ministry -- a feat larger than any one church. Please consider our apportionment as a "pledge" to support the (greater) ministry of the UM Church.
Xmas in April '04
Xmas in April '05
Xmas in April '06
Xmas in April '07
Xmas in April '08
Xmas in April '10
Xmas in April '11
Xmas in April '12
Xmas in April '13
Xmas in April '14
Christmas in April
51st year -- GSUMC UMW 'Special Recognition' Awards
During the Annual Spring Salad Luncheon on May 4, 2009, the following persons were honored by the UMWomen. For the first time, two teenagers -- Jonathon Frame and Valerie Campbell -- were honored, along with Vernice Lee, Carol Penne, Pat McConnell (2nd time) and Janice Taggert (also 2nd time). The Women's group periodically recognizes folks for all they do for the church! 

Five Honored at 52nd 'Special Recognition' Luncheon
On May 16, 2010, we were blessed with the music of the gospel-inspired choir festival during service. With the elation of that performance still in our heads, many men and women of GS retired to Lewis Hall for the annual UMW Spring Salad Luncheon and Special Missions' Awards Ceremony, in which we take time to lift up a few persons who have served the church and congregation with their time and talents. The presentation includes a monetary gift to UMW Missions in the person(s) name(s), a certificate, and a lapel pin. This year's five honorees were:  Pastor Joye (second pin);  Dunstan Thomas; Admire Russell; Philip Palmer, Jr.; and Bintu Murphy. Somehow we managed to keep the honorees from knowing until their names were called! They were all quite surprised and the gathering was delighted to celebrate them.  
Ushers Recognized
On February 24, 2008, the ushers were honored for their commitment and service. The ushers and their families were treated to a luncheon, prepared by Sue Shawhan and Lani McConnell. Thanks also to Earle Knapp for organizing the event.
Head Usher Neil Spiller (standing) welcomes, and thanks the ushers and their families.
The 'Hill House' is sold!                                                                                   Summer, 2010
It was once a Good Shepherd parsonage (many, many moons ago) and was "under used" for short periods as classrooms, a youth center, a counseling center, and even transitional housing, et all, before falling to disrepair. It was also used as overflow parking, and most recently, storage for some parking lot sales supplies and health supplies. Now it has been sold -- to Ms. Esperanza Perez, for $255,000 -- on May 4, 2010.
Last summer we put it up for sale, hoping the recession and poor condition of the property and house would not discourge a "fixer upper" to be interested. The relatively large lot and forested grounds were a plus, but the vandalized interior, boarded-up windows and damaged exterior didn't exactly say "Buy Me!" Prospective buyers were few and sought to "bargain out" the price. GSUMC rejected an offer from Ms. Perez last Fall but she persisted. Negotiations were long and hard. With $10K in closing from GS, the buyer (her) would agree to do major renovations to plumbing, heating, and foundation, etc., to meet financing and inspections.
As sellers, our 2007 building program mortgage needed to be reset at settlement. Our bank required that the mortgage be reduced to $250,000, so $209,000 of the sales price went to satisfy that. After the real estate agent's fee (Thomas Cole, with Long and Foster) and the MoCo fees, we netted just under $18K. In accordance with the UM Church Book of Discipline, this profit cannot be used for ongoing programs or monthly utilities, but will be directed to "capital expenditures" such as repairs and replacements, et al, for HVAC, fire and alarms, etc. 
Please remember that the mortgage payments on the building addition continue unchanged; namely, we need more than $4,100 monthly. Your continued giving is still needed and appreciated. 
Dear Rev. Joye Jones . . . 
Gratefully again, on behalf of the families and men that we serve, thank you for the blessing that GSUMC continuing support is to Silver Spring Interfaith Housing Coalition. We received your check today in the amount of $450.00 designated from your General Fund. . . . . Thank You,
Betsy Sharon, J.D.
Interim Executive Director
May 6, 2009
Shepherd's Table
Dear Rev. Joye Jones . . . 
It is with a great amount of joy that we thank you for your recent gift of $300.00. Your generosity and faithfulmess in supporting the mission of Shepherd's Table is so appreciated by those we serve each day, the volunteers, the Board, and staff. . . . Thank You, 

Jacki Cole, Executive Director
June 2, 2009

GSUMC: serving needy at Shepherd's Table
Since its founding 25 years ago, Shepherd's Table has served meals to needy families, and GSUMC has had a strong history of volunteering. This GSUMC tradition occurs approximately every 2nd Friday each month, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. We will gather at the church and carpool there. We welcome donations of bulk foods: pastas, rice, canned food, tea, coffee, sugar, baby items. Also welcome are same-day donations of fresh fruit and homemade desserts, et al. 
Contact the McConnell's at 302-445-1241.
Childrens' Santa Shop -- for children of Broad Acres ES (Dec 2009)
 "Linkages for Learning" sent a huge "Thanks!" to GSUMC for our help with their Santa Shop -- a place where kids in struggling families could go to pick out gifts for their parents, et al, so they (the kids) could also experience the gift of giving. LFL was overwhelmed with the number of gifts contributed by GS and our volunteers who helped man the shop -- Marcie Burroughs, Vernice Lee, Pat and Leilani McConnell, Glee Prahinski and Brenda Price. The kids that were fortunate enough to be invited to the Shop had a terrific experience and could support Christmas from the giving side too. Thanks to Carol Penne for coordinating this from our side of the effort. 
Good Shepherd's Kim Broadie Appointed Secretary for the B-W Conference of UMW
Our own Ms. Broadie has been appointed the secretary for the B-W Conference of the United Methodist Women. Kim is already finding the position to be a challenging but rewarding one. Our best to her and we are very proud  of her achievement. -- Spring 2010
Nothing But Nets
Dear Youth of Good Shepherd UMC -
(Thank you) for your outstanding support (for) Nothing But Nets. Your generous contribution of $1,350.00 will help save the lives of families in need. One bed net can last a family for about 4 years, thanks to the long-lasting insecticide woven into the net fabric. Together we are working to eradicate malaria in Zimbabwe.
John R. Schol, Bishop
UMW, B-W Conference
October 8, 2009
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Amanda Sweet -- Moving On
On Sunday May 1, 2011 we bid farewell and best wishes to Amanda Sweet, our student intern from Wesley Seminary. Amanda preached that morning, then we said goodbye at our coffee hour following the service. On May 22 she will marry her beloved Andrew in Massachusetts. She and Andrew will return to the area because Amanda has another year of seminary left, and Andrew will seek to be ordained in the B-W Conference. 
New 'Head Usher'
Beginning in January 2011, Timothy Afolabi is the new head usher, responsible for organizing the usher teams and setting the tone for how the ushers interact upon the service. In addition to the "visible" duties of seating folks, bringing order to communion sundays and collecting the offering, ushers also take a count of the congregation, police the papers after the service, turn lights and sound equipment on and off, and perform assorted other duties "as necessary". Ushers are asked to serve on teams that rotate every five months. [the odd number rotation - 5 - is so as not to allow for an even number, either 4 or 6, that would otherwise result in some usher teams always serving the same months year after year.] Ushers are asked to come early and stay late to see to "before and after" duties. If you are interested in becoming an usher please see Timothy. 

And while we're at it, thanks to Neil Spiller for many years of this duty-prior!! Neil had served as the head usher for too many years to count!
'Help The Homeless' Walkathon was Nov. 6th, 2012 on the Sligo Creek hiker/biker trail, and benefited MoCo coalition for the homeless (MCCH), which is replacing Silver Spring Interfaith Housing Coalition hereon. GSUMC will continue to support MCCH. 47 walkers (if you count the 3 dogs) from GS participated. Thanks to all. 

In November 2012 we packed and shipped 15 boxes to 2 American Indian Reservations. The boxes were loaded with school supplies, toiletries and some small gifts like stuffed toys and kids' jewelry. We sent lots of socks because the kids there play in stocking feet to protect the gym floor -- but does little for keeping socks in good condition! Thanks to Eleanor Newman (organizer, packer, tracker . . ) and Pat McConnell (transport and mailing.) 

Bishop's Letter to Ban Same-Sex Unions -- Earlier in the year over 1,000 Methodist clergy across the nation pledged to honor same-sex marriages. Now, UMC Bishops have promised a letter calling to uphold current Discipline which disallows clergy from performing such marriages. This issue and others related to homosexuality remains a hot topic that will again be discussed at the 2012 General Conference in Tampa, FL, in May 2012. 

2011 Holiday Shop at Broad Acres ES -- Once again GSUMC participated in this 'shop' where children selected gifts for their parents. (examples of gifts -- earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, new candles, picture frames, hats, gloves, pins, jewelry, lotions, plates, mugs, tools for dads, etc.) .

Coat Drive -- Well done, Good Shepherd! 107 coats total:  67-children and 40-adults. Coats were dontated to Broad Acres ES children and parents needing warm coats for the 2011-12 season.  
Day Care Idea Terminated   posted Fall 2014

The Day Care previously planned and projected to open in rooms 7, 8, and 9 downstairs will not occur. The Trustees have determind that it is too cumbersome to meet several regulations, including one that would require a new -- and expensive -- hard-wired fire alarm system. The current use, with kids on-site for a few hours-use on Sundays is grandfathered in and doesn't require the upgrade that would be necessary for a weekly day care of activities. Another deal breaker is the County requirement that the day-long use of the basement rooms requires that the children be able to exit without having to climb seven or more stairs. A consideration to move some day care rooms to the ground floor proved to be too conflicting with the day-to-day activity in the Church office hallway and other foot traffic. 

Some benefits from the day care "expectation and preparation" resulted. The doors between classrooms were made easier to interconnect in case of fire, etc. The fire door that was installed between the corridors improves the isolation of one fire space from another. Some flooring and a vandalized window well were repaired, and a thorough sanitary cleaning of the rooms was completed.  
'Safe Motherhood Kits' Assembly Marathon  --  May 3, 2014

In 2013 and again on May 3, 2014, Marcie Burroughs, Leilani McConnell and Cynthia Steer joined others at the IMA World Health Depot in New Windsor, MD, to assemble 'Safe Mothers Kits'. These are items needed by 3rd-world countries' mothers to ensure safe deliveries: plastic sheets, sterile gauzes, umbilical cord string, gloves, small scissors, soap, a receiving blanket, baby cap and gown, etc. These kits are sent to needy places where babies are born in primitive circumstances. Last year over 4000 (!) kits were assembled by the many volunteers in a half-day's work. This is a GREAT fellowship event to meet/greet other great folks from other churches. Afterwards, there is a local pub to gather and eat if you like. 

To find out more about doing this next year, contact Marcie or Leilani, or better yet, call Rich Fantos at 410-635-8743 or email 
Members help to "Stop Hunger Now"

If only it were that simple, i.e., to stop hunger "now", But every bit helps, and ~13 persons from GSUMC joined with 300-others on Nov. 15, 2014 at Paint Br HS to assemble packaged meals for hungry persons in needy countries. In a 2-hour span the group put together nearly 85,000 meals(!). With popular music blaring in the background, the enthusiastic volunteers used assembly-line precision to measure, sort, pack, and wrap individual meal packets. These meals will go to (have gone to in the past) one of 65 countries, to be distributed to schools, clinics, homes, orphanages, etc. 
Good Shepherd receives recognition from Linkages for Learning

In consideration for many projects, including to support JoAnn LeLeck ES at Broad Acres, Linkages for Learning bestowed a certificate of thanks to Good Shepherd UMC on April 15, 2015. more

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
Day Care idea lives on elsewhere

The Day Care that was once-planned to be located at GSUMC (search "Archives" about this) opened instead in Colesville. Congrats to Xochilt Martinez, who worked very hard with GSUMC to open a day care here but was beaten back by onorus deal-killing county permits and potentially expensive MoCo-mandated upgrades. She opened a pre-school day care at Colesville Presbyterian Church, 12800 N H Ave. (next to Meadowood shopping ctr. -- Green Apple Deli, Dominic's, et al.)  Good luck Xochilt!
Endowment Fund Charter 
     A number of years ago, through an initial bequest followed by Memorial-gift donations, the Church had an endowment fund. The monies were intended for use by special missions' or ministry purposes, and not operating expenses, et al. However, because of the way it was set up, there were no restrictions on how the fund, including the principal, could be used. Consequently, the Church fell into serious financial problems a few years ago, mostly due to the 2007 building renovations, and we turned to the principal of the fund to bail us out. 
    Circa 2014 the EF was re-established due to subsequent gifts totaling over $16,000 so far. According to the Book of Discipline, the Trustees are responsible for all investments unless the Church establishes an Endowment/Investments committee. Therefore, an EF-Committee was established to oversee the correct use of the funds and to set the conditions of use, and provide for future donations, terms, and uses of the money. An account has been initialized with the Mid-Atlantic UM Foundation to manage and grow the money. A pamphlet will be developed to inform potential donors. 
    An EF is a permanent fund or source of income; usually from donations or similar (not regular pledging) and not meant for operating expenses. The principal is invested and the resulting income is used per the charter permissions. An EF enhances the ministry of the Church, but is neither the sole generation of income nor a mandated one. Ideally the principal should not be drawn-upon or reduced. The principal may be enlarged through subsequent bequethed gifts or donations, e.g., wills, trusts, and one-time gifts of financial 'love', 'thanks', or 'appreciation'. 
Good Shepherd Honored!!
On Tue. April 12, 2016  GS received the "Distinguished Honoree" Award from Linkages to Learning for our work with and at the JoAnn LeLeck E.S. at Broad Acres. The ceremony was held at the VisArts Center in Rockville. Missions Chair Janice Taggart, Carol Penne, and Pastor Joye were present to receive. Congrats GSUMC!
Christmas in April:  2016
On April 30 18 people from GS joined a group from B. Frank Joy Co. to work on a home of an elderly woman in Landover, MD. Painting occurred inside and out, including for window trim, railings, and bedrooms. There was repair/carpentry work, a microwave was installed, and the kitchen was thoroughly cleaned. Two bathrooms required a lot of work and upgrade. Tiles were replaced. Plumbing was done. Yardwork. You get the picture! Thanks to all who participated!