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In Memoriam

Letha "Lee" Moon, 99
Longtime member and
Music Director '79-'99
d. April 5, 2024

YoonJa Kwack, 91
Pastor Park's Mother
d. March 2024

Virginia Bacon
d. Jan 28, 2024

Rev. Kathy Lossau
Former Pastor 2016-2019
d. November 19, 2023

William Reise Family
Passing of their Father, 2023

Vera Maddy's Father
in Sierra Leone, 2023

'Charity' Okorie, 68
d. December 11, 2022

Brian Brannon, 68
Husband of Carolyn
d. November 15, 2022

John Fountain, 99
d. October 16, 2022

Dorothy 'Dottie' Murphree 96
d. April 14, 2022 

Marco Antonio Penne, 32
Son of Carol and Leo Penne
Brother of Daniel
d. Dec. 3, 2021

Milton 'Milt' Moon
d. Oct. 10, 2021
Husband of Lee Moon

Dottie Williams
d. Oct 8, 2021
Wife of Red

Janice Taggart
d. Sept. 4, 2021

Margaret Howard, 97
Wife of late Alden Howard
d. Jan 10, 2021

Timothy Alfolabi
d. Oct 11, 2020

Doris Mboma
d. June 1, 2020
Covid 19
Husband: TK, Sister: Rosaline

Garnipudi Sukumar Christopher
d. May 24, 2020
Wife: Rani  Son: Sunil

George Sawyerr
April 25, 2020
Brother of Dunstan Thomas

Abdul Magona
April 10, 2020  (age 61)
Husband of Dolcie French

Inatoma Daramy
Dec. 2019
Sister in Law of
Bintu Murphy

Lucille Kirkpatrick
Nov. 20, 2019 (age 96)
Wife of Vernon (deceased in 2010) 

Leo F.X. Prahinski.
d. Sept. 8, 2019
Husband of Glee. 

Harry B. Newman, III
d. Aug. 21, 2019  (82yo)

Sona Epie
Stepson of Peter Ayok; killed in Cameroon war
d. July, 2019

Rebecca Allie
Mother of Bintu Murphy
d. July, 2019

Former Pastor  '56-'66
Rev. Herbert Doggett
d. Sept. 3, 2018  (92yo) 

Katherine Rodeffer
Wife of B/W Conf ' Pastor
 Rev. Robert Rodeffer
d. Jan 14, 2018

Josephine Keikula
d. Dec. 9, 2017

Stalin Frazer
d. Sept  2017

Clarice Bright
d. Aug 18, 2017

Marilyn Gantz
d. Aug 17, 2017

Former Pastor Joye's Mother-- Sue Jones
d. Aug.9,2017

Wife & Husband
Christina "Chris" Areu
d. June 4, 2017
Eloy "Dino" Areu
d. July 15, 2017

Pat Mallon
d. May 22, 2017

Ronald Walker
d. Apr. 25, 2017

Sylvester John
d. Apr 18, 2017

Former Pastor '66-'72
Rev. Elgar C. Soper
d. Dec. 20, 2016 (102yo)

Avis Veli, 86
d. May 21, 2016

Dorothy Boyd, 92
d. May 11, 2016 

Lois Kane
d. April 30, 2016

Winifred (Winnie) Elam
d. Feb 28, 2016

Onna Thornton, 93
d. Feb 15, 2016

Dr. Rowland A Fergusson
d. Oct 12, 2015

Jean Bennington
d. June 12, 2015

Donna Jo Bennington
d. April 7, 2015

Charlotte Schaefer
d. Mar. 29, 2015 (97yo)

Joan Beck
d. March 11, 2015 (83yo)

Jestina Webber
d. Oct 9, 2014

Joe Graham. Sr.
d. Aug. 10, 2014

John K. (Jack) Bacon
d. July 28, 2014

Mary Rainey
d. June 23, 2014

Walter Sharp
d. Dec. 8, 2013
preceded by
Kay Sharp, 80
d. Feb 3, 1999

Ellen Bunyan, 92
d. Oct. 14, 2013

Odette B. Ludecke, 93
d. Oct. 13, 2013

Thelma Morgan
d. Sept. 28, 2013

Anna Mary Farris
d. Aug. 12, 2013

Delbert Gantz, 84
d. May 31, 2013

Dorothy Williams
d. May 7, 2013

John Williams
d. Feb. 19, 2013

Pat Henry, 92
d. Jan. 29, 2013

Carol Rodgers, 90
d. Jan. 13, 2013

Jean Sharp
d. Nov. 27, 2012
Missions' Items

This is a list of items for "Shoebox for Christmas" each year for kids. Shop a little each month over the course of the year.
(All sizes should be small-to-medium travel sizes easy to pack and ship)

JAN  "Health" -- bandaids, Q-tips, cotton balls, pocket Kleenex

FEB  "Hair" --combs, brushes, conditioner, ribbons, ponytail holders, clips, shampoos 

MAR "Hygiene" -- Toothbrushes and  toothpaste, floss, etc.

APR  "Cleanliness" --Soap, washclothes, deodorant

MAY  "Personal" --Socks and underwear

JUN  "Pastimes" --Small books, hand-held games, activity books, coloring books, crayons or markers

JUL  "Fun things" --Small toys, cars, jacks, balls, small stuffed animals

AUG  "School" --Pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, & other school items

SEP  "Teacher's supplies" --Paper, glue, scissors, pencil sharpeners

OCT  "Nice to have" --Children's Xmas cards, petite figurines

NOV  "Warmth" -- Mittens, gloves, scarves

DEC  "Assemble" and send-off. 
Regular Sundays
Small Groups (e.g. Bible Study, youth ..) 9:30 a.m.
Fellowship-Coffee Hour 10:30 a.m. 
Sunday Worship Service -- 11:30 am
('Worship and Praise' style, occasional Sundays on the order of 1 per month)

Rev. DaeHwa Park, Pastor 
Visit Rev. Park's website ""  here
Admire Russell -- Pastoral Intern
Director of Music & Organist -- Szu-Yi Li
Church Secretary  -- Wendy De La Roca Barrios
Hispanic and Latino Ministry -- Currently Vacant
Christiana Campbell -- Leadership Team Chair

Prayer "Stations"

The congregation is invited to participate in collective prayer and reflection

Every Wed   
access code 809996 
option #1

After Every Service: a 15-min gathering is available in the Sanctuary after every Sun' Service

Some representative 'Thank You's'!!

From our Christmas Advent families in 2023 ... three families received gift cards for groceries and bills. Some family members (children especially) received hand-knitted hats, or handmade soaps, and other Christmas gift surprises from your donations. 

From Rehoboth Christian School (NM) . . for 4 boxes of E.S supplies  (2016) 

From 'Church World Service'  for donation to Miscellaneous Kits for disaster relief . . . 

From UMC Board of Child Care  for donation . . .  (2016) 

From UMCOR  for donation to General Board of Global Ministries for direct donation to Babyfold at Old Mutare Fairfield Children's Home, Zimbabwe . . .

From Shepherd's Table, Silver Spring . . .  (continuing) 

From Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference  for Native American Children's Fund . . . 

From MoCo Coalition for the Homeless  for clients, and for Back-to-School fair . . .   (2016)  

From Rehobeth Christian School, New Mexico, for 6 boxes of elementary school supplies, hygiene items, and backpacks  (Mr. Jim Holwerda, Principal) . . . (2017) 

From MoCo Coalition for the Homeless:  "We did it!" With your help 11 veterans ended their homelessness through 'Operation Homecoming' . . . . (2016)

From Enemy Swim Day School, South Dakota . . for supplies, socks, hygiene items, etc. 

From Broad Acres E S kids:  " . . for the 112 backpacks!"  (Sept  2017) 

2017 Mission Tree . . hats, scarves, mittens, etc to WI and SD

2017 Holiday Shop and (5) Advent Families' Christmas . . . from L to L at JLES at Br Acres

2017 Coat Drive -- 220 coats collected for families of Br Acres ES.  Thanks to Valerie Campbell,
                                  Denzel Maddy, and Jasmine Maddy for organizing! Wow!  Thanks from
                                  Linkages to Learning at JoAnn Leleck ES at Broad Acres. 

April 2018  - A group of GS angels helped pack 'Hunger Kits' at Colesville Presbyterian Church.

Xmas in April 2018 -- 16 of us from GS joined a larger work group headed by B. Frank Joy Construction and worked on a house of a legally blind woman. Built a fence and trash enclosure; installed several ceiling fans; fixed or installed new outlets; installed smoke and CO2 detectors; did weeding; trimming, repairing garden trim; cleaned a kitchen, bathrooms and storage; removed old carpet and broken furniture, and always . . . always . . . . painted! 

May 2018 -- from Mobility Worldwide (c/o Penney Farms, FL) , $300 for cost of a motorized 3-wheeled cart distributed free to a wheelchair-bound elderly person in need. 
"Food Pantry" . . . Every Sunday

You can help by donating. Some ideas:  bulk items (e.g., Costco or similar) of staples like sugar, flour, rice, dry pasta, beans, canned tuna and meats (e.g., Spam, sausage, potted meats), cooking oil, small jars of mayo,  boxes of cereal,  jelly, peanut butter, mac and cheese, and single-serve cups of bags of snacks (e.g., applesauce, dried fruit), to put in kids' lunches. Please, nothing perishable. Also accepting Grocery gift cards to get prescriptions and personal hygiene items. This continues to be a great resource for neighbors in need.      Contact Paulette Brown, Coordinator. 
What are the "Book of Resolutions" adopted by United Methodists?
The book and the 'UM Social Principles' are statements approved by the denomination's General Conference. They address six areas; the natural world, and the nurturing, social, economic, political, and world communities. Read more here
Where do Communion offerings go?
The first Sunday of each month is communion, and we receive a voluntary gift up front in the basket.  Jan/Feb -- Christmas in April;  March -- Red Bird Mission;   April -- Ordained Ministry Candidate Admire Russell;   May -- Pastor's discretionary fund;   June -- PET project of Florida;   July -- Food and Friends;   August -- CASA of Md;   Sept -- Bread for the World;   Oct -- UMCOR;   Nov -- Pastor's discretionary fund;   and Dec -- Day-shelter for P.G. Co. (housed at Univ. Christian Church on Adelphi Road. )
Balt/Wash' Conf' Mission Statement:  " . . to inspire and equip local faith communities to develop disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." 
2018 Christmas Mitten Tree Update . . . 
The Hazel Black Mitten Tree Project for Native American Reservations collected 6 large boxes of hats, scarves, socks, lap robes, blankets, sweaters, baby items, and other miscellaneous items that were sent to a Reservation in Eagle Butte, SD. and the Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center in Milwaukee, WI.  Thanks to the buyers, shoppers, and packers who put this together. A special thanks to the Riderwood Knitters Group and Laura Kane for the beautiful hand-knit items, and to Pat and Lani McConnell for helping Janice pack and ship the boxed items.
. . . and 2018 Coat Donations
Thanks to everyone who donated coats to the Winter Coat Drive. We're pleased to report a final tally of 150 coats -- 93 for kids and 57 for teens and adults. A special thanks to whomever brought in a bag of children's boots. We're sure they were welcome when the snow storms hit!!
. . . and 2018 Advent Families
Thanks, thanks thanks to everyone who donated and took care of "mitten" needs on the Advent tree. This year's project helped 6 families in-need: four from Broad Acres and two from the Church. GS enabled toys, gifts, stockings, grocery cards, and more. One family thanked us (through BAES office) for the GS "Angels" who enabled Christmas; their kids had "the best (surprise!) Christmas ever" after concluding that their parents probably couldn't afford to provide much of anything. (What? They don't believe in Santa?!) Other families sent thank you cards, artwork, and picture-"proof" of their kids' Christmas excitement. Check the bulletin board in the hall outside of Lewis Hall. Thank you "Elves"! 
 Rev. DaeHwa Park 

A native South Korean, and an ordained elder in full connection of the B/W Conference. His father, Rev. KookWon Park, is a Korean Methodist Pastor. Rev. Park (DaeHwa) studied theology at Yonsei University, SK, 1985-1989, and studied graduate work thru 1995. He served at several Korean Methodist churches in the Seoul metropolitan area. He worked as youth pastor, Sunday school teacher, program director, theological intern, and young adult pastor. He eventually made his way to Fairfax, VA, where he worked at several churches. He has also worked or pastored in Gaithersburg, Greenbelt, Oakdale, and West Friendship. The National Metropolitan Memorial UMC in Washington, DC, is his home church, and also where he started the ordination process. 

Rev. Park lives in Olney, MD, with wife YoungHoon Park (music teacher at Springhill Lake E.S.); Gideon Thory, Jeremy Solo, and Theodore Atticus.

Visit Rev. Park's website   here

Sunday Worship Service  
11:30 am
(Zoom; Facebook)

Click "Worship Study" on the menu for a list of weekly worship groups and times
The Seven Ministry Initiatives

Sunday Morning -- start the week with faithful ordinance of Worship.

Assimilation -- Call, equip, and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Intergenerational -- Honor each generation and pass along discipleship and mission to new generations.

Technology -- take advantage of IT to enhance delivery of the Word.

Third Place -- a "City of Refuge" (Numbers 35:6); a house of prayer, where everyone is welcome.  "Home" is our first place, and our "Work" is our second place. "Church," then, is our third place; an oasis of prayerful refuge.

Glo'cal - literally "Global and Local," pertaining to outreach and community outside our walls.

Accommodation -- We accept you just as you are; with sin, with ailments, with disabilities, . . all. 

Please keep up with your tithes and offerings!

The Church needs your help in maintaining its budget and bills. 

You can 1) donate online using the icon/link to the right, or 2) drop off checks at the Church, or 3) download the Vanco App ... search for GSUMC by name. 

Ukraine -- Witness to the Word

On Sunday, January 29, 2023 - Good Shepherd was blessed with an amazing “Witness to the Word” from Rev. and Mrs. Hun Choi who testified about their role as Christian missionaries in pre- and current war torn Ukraine. They told of life in Ukraine as the war rages on. They continue to preach in “house” churches ( it is not safe to meet in church buildings), of continuing to educate young people and of bringing food and supplies to places where both are greatly needed. One thing we learned (among many!) is that YouTube, social media, and mainstream media have been asked not to show long distance views and panoramas of missiles landing because Russia uses that footage to measure and target. Rev. Choi inspired us with his commitment to continue to bring God’s word to Ukrainians. To sponsor Rev and Mrs. Choi’s continuing missionary work in Ukraine, please send a check payable to GSUMC earmarked for “Ukraine Mission (Rev. Choi)”.
30-Minute Bible Study .. Sundays, 9 pm

Zoom Meeting ID:  892-9866-0552;  Passcode 670113

Are you too busy to read the Bible? Give half an hour for your soul. Contact the Church office for info.

70th Anniversary Pew Refresh

On November 5, 2023, the Church held a special service to dedicate the pew refresh effort. Thanks to the sponsors and donors who contributed to this, and thanks to the Agape Seventh-Day Adventist Church for the refinishing effort. If you haven't seen them, please check out the donor plaques on many of the rows. 

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