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Regular Services
Sunday Worship Service -- 10:30 am
Rev. Kathy Lossau, Pastor
Pastor Israel Suarez -- Bi-lingual Pastor
'Vacant' -- Organist / Choir Director
Christiana Campbell -- Christian Education Team Coordinator
Peter Ayok -- Sexton
In Memoriam

Katherine Rodeffer
Wife of B/W Conf ' Pastor
 Rev. Robert Rodeffer
d. Jan 14, 2018

Josephine Keikula
d. Dec. 9, 2017

Stalin Frazer
d. Sept  2017

Clarice Bright
d. Aug 18, 2017

Marilyn Gantz
d. Aug 17, 2017

Former Pastor Joye's Mother-- Sue Jones
d. Aug.9,2017

Wife & Husband
Christina "Chris" Areu
d. June 4, 2017
Eloy "Dino" Areu
d. July 15, 2017

Pat Mallon
d. May 22, 2017

Ronald Walker
d. Apr. 25, 2017

Sylvester John
d. Apr 18, 2017

Former Pastor '66-'72
Rev. Elgar C. Soper
d. Dec. 20, 2016 (102yo)

Avis Veli, 86
d. May 21, 2016

Dorothy Boyd, 92
d. May 11, 2016 

Lois Kane
d. April 30, 2016

Winifred (Winnie) Elam
d. Feb 28, 2016

Onna Thornton, 93
d. Feb 15, 2016

Dr. Rowland A Fergusson
d. Oct 12, 2015

Jean Bennington
d. June 12, 2015

Donna Jo Bennington
d. April 7, 2015

Charlotte Schaefer, 97
d. Mar. 29, 2015

Joan Beck, 83
d. March 11, 2015

Jestina Webber
d. Oct 9, 2014

Joe Graham. Sr.
d. Aug. 10, 2014

John K. (Jack) Bacon
d. July 28, 2014

Mary Rainey
d. June 23, 2014

Walter Sharp
d. Dec. 8, 2013
preceded by
Kay Sharp, 80
d. Feb 3, 1999

Ellen Bunyan, 92
d. Oct. 14, 2013

Odette B. Ludecke, 93
d. Oct. 13, 2013

Thelma Morgan
d. Sept. 28, 2013

Anna Mary Farris
d. Aug. 12, 2013

Delbert Gantz, 84
d. May 31, 2013

Dorothy Williams
d. May 7, 2013

John Williams
d. Feb. 19, 2013

Pat Henry, 92
d. Jan. 29, 2013

Carol Rodgers, 90
d. Jan. 13, 2013

Jean Sharp
d. Nov. 27, 2012
Missions' Items

This is a list of items for "Shoebox for Christmas" each year for kids. Shop a little each month over the course of the year.
(All sizes should be small-to-medium travel sizes easy to pack and ship)

JAN  "Health" -- bandaids, Q-tips, cotton balls, pocket Kleenex

FEB  "Hair" --combs, brushes, conditioner, ribbons, ponytail holders, clips, shampoos 

MAR "Hygiene" -- Toothbrushes and  toothpaste, floss, etc.

APR  "Cleanliness" --Soap, washclothes, deodorant

MAY  "Personal" --Socks and underwear

JUN  "Pastimes" --Small books, hand-held games, activity books, coloring books, crayons or markers

JUL  "Fun things" --Small toys, cars, jacks, balls, small stuffed animals

AUG  "School" --Pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, & other school items

SEP  "Teacher's supplies" --Paper, glue, scissors, pencil sharpeners

OCT  "Nice to have" --Children's Xmas cards, petite figurines

NOV  "Warmth" -- Mittens, gloves, scarves

DEC  "Assemble" and send-off. 
Prayer "Stations"

The congregation is invited to participate in collective prayer and reflection

Every Wed   
access code 809996 
option #1

After Every Service: a 15-min gathering is available in the Sanctuary after every Sun' Service

We are so very thankful to the AGAPE SDA congregation for volunteer painting that refreshed the Sanctuary, Chancel, and Narthex back in 2016. This group also takes care of the church grounds with mowing in the summer and snow removal in winter. These and other activities are tremendous money-savers!  Update:  Turns out that an anonymous donor paid for the paint and supplies. The men that did the work were prompt every day and professional. To reciprocate, we'd like to freely offer their names if you need work around your house.  Asuncion Benitez 301.792.3829;  Alex Ortez 240.354.0501;  Daniel Sense 240.882.9486;  and (acting as job foreman) Manuel Lainez 202.910.8435. Thanks to all!!  And thanks to Marcie Burroughs for producing this work! 

A different 'thanks' to our music Minister Norm Crarey for leading the choir. He has introduced us to some wonderful anthems and he is very patient as we learn new hymns. Thanks Norm! He (and we) welcome anyone who has interest in joining the choir. Reminds me of an old Andy Griffith episode, to paraphrase:  "don't the trees sound fuller when all the birds are singing!" 
Some recent 'Thank You's"!!

From Rehoboth Christian School (NM) . . for 4 boxes of E.S supplies  (2016) 

From 'Church World Service'  for donation to Miscellaneous Kits for disaster relief . . . 

From UMC Board of Child Care  for donation . . .  (2016) 

From UMCOR  for donation to General Board of Global Ministries for direct donation to Babyfold at Old Mutare Fairfield Children's Home, Zimbabwe . . .

From Shepherd's Table, Silver Spring . . .  (continuing) 

From Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference  for Native American Children's Fund . . . 

From MoCo Coalition for the Homeless  for clients, and for Back-to-School fair . . .   (2016)  

From Rehobeth Christian School, New Mexico, for 6 boxes of elementary school supplies, hygiene items, and backpacks  (Mr. Jim Holwerda, Principal) . . . (2017) 

From MoCo Coalition for the Homeless:  "We did it!" With your help 11 veterans ended their homelessness through 'Operation Homecoming' . . . . (2016)

From Enemy Swim Day School, South Dakota . . for supplies, socks, hygiene items, etc. 

From Broad Acres E S kids:  " . . for the 112 backpacks!"  (Sept  2017) 

2017 Mission Tree . . hats, scarves, mittens, etc to WI and SD

2017 Holiday Shop and (5) Advent Families' Christmas . . . from L to L at JLES at Br Acres

2017 Coat Drive -- 220 coats collected for families of Br Acres ES.  Thanks to Valerie Campbell,
                                  Denzel Maddy, and Jasmine Maddy for organizing! Wow!  Thanks from
                                  Linkages to Learning at JoAnn Leleck ES at Broad Acres. 

April 2018  - A group of GS angels helped pack 'Hunger Kits' at Colesville Presbyterian Church.

Xmas in April 2018 -- 16 of us from GS joined a larger work group headed by B. Frank Joy Construction and worked on a house of a legally blind woman. Built a fence and trash enclosure; installed several ceiling fans; fixed or installed new outlets; installed smoke and CO2 detectors; did weeding; trimming, repairing garden trim; cleaned a kitchen, bathrooms and storage; removed old carpet and broken furniture, and always . . . always . . . . painted! 

May 2018 -- from Mobility Worldwide (c/o Penney Farms, FL) , $300 for cost of a motorized 3-wheeled cart distributed free to a wheelchair-bound elderly person in need. 
Food Pantry:
You are generous but are asked to stick to the plan. The preferred items are generally Latin American staples for making dishes, like canned and dried red and black beans, rice, flour (2-lb bags), cornmeal (2-lb), canned tomatoes, canned meats and fish, soups, corn, and oatmeal. Please -- no more Ramen noodles as we are overstocked with these. Things that are not-much preferred are cake mixes, pickles, beets. (Do you want pickles and beets?!) Pick items that you would want if trying to feed/extend meals on a limited budget, and not always just single-serve heat-and-eat items. Those might feed one but shouldn't be the only daily choice meal after meal. 
What do the Trustees Do?   Like a building superintendent, the job of a Trustee is to be a steward of the property. In theory, ALL members are trustees! Here are some typical activities and/or needs that this group has tackled:
--broken floor tiles
--burnt-out bulbs w-a-a-y up high . .
--a roof leak above the Parlor 
--stewardship of fees by outside groups to offset our costs
--kitchen hood and elevator inspection and rehab
--electrical repairs to parking lot lights
--the church secretary's computer problems were sourced and fixed
--the Sanctuary closet and Sacristy were cleaned and organized
--working on:
        -- repairing water damage in both bell towers;  repairing leaking toilets;  repairing leaking and broken gutters;  fixing church sign on NHAve;  painting doors  and cabinets in Lewis Hall and corridor;  ADA accommodations for Pastor Kathy.
Missions' Mitten Tree
Over the 2017 Holidays the Hazel Black Mitten Tree collected 43 hats, 25 scarves, 70 pairs of socks, 14 pairs of gloves, 19 sweaters, 5 baby sets (booties and hats), 2 baby blankets, 3 turtlenecks, 4 sweatshirt-jackets, 1 shawl . . and a partridge . . in . a . pear . tree!!  We sent the packages to the Gerald L Ignace Indian Health Center in Milwaukee, WI, and a reservation in Eagle Butte, SD. Thanks to all the elves!!  
(No partridges were actually harmed in this endeavor!)
What are the "2016 Book of Resolutions" adopted by United Methodists?
The book and the 'UM Social Principles' are statements approved by the denomination's General Conference. They address six areas; the natural world, and the nurturing, social, economic, political, and world communities. Read more here
July 'Monthly Day of Prayer' is 18th   
The monthly day of prayer (pray for you, your family, social 
issues, etc.) and fasting is yours (and ours) time to meditate, reflect, 
and fast. There are no hard and fast rules . . you are welcome 
to participate a lot or a little. Know that as you are practicing 
self-sacrifice so are others in your church family. We recommend 
from 15 to 30 min of prayer and reflection and the consideration 
to 'fast' from one or more from sunup to sundown:  food, 
meat, TV, cursing, personal social media, or other. (Sorry, 
we can't endorse that you 'fast' from your job today!) 
Contact the Church office for more info on how you can 
participate at home or here in the church building either 
informally (on your time and at your pace) or formally 
with Pastor Kathy, who always sets aside some prescribed 
times (e.g. before work, lunch, afternoon, etc.) here in the Sanctuary.
July  2018
Confirmation Class is forming
Pastor Kathy is now forming a Confirmation Class for students beginning the 7th, 8th, or 9th grades in Fall 2018.  (i.e., School year '18 - '19) If your child falls in this range and is interested in Confirming please contact Pastor Kathy @ 301.433.3331 or email the church office at with name/age/contact #, etc. The class would run through the school year and Confirmation Sunday is targeted for Pentecost Sunday in 2019.   
Where do Communion offerings go?
The first Sunday of each month is communion, and we receive a voluntary gift up front in the basket.  Jan/Feb -- Christmas in April;  March -- Red Bird Mission;   April -- Ordained Ministry Candidate Admire Russell;   May -- Pastor's discretionary fund;   June -- PET project of Florida;   July -- Food and Friends;   August -- CASA of Md;   Sept -- Bread for the World;   Oct -- UMCOR;   Nov -- Pastor's discretionary fund;   and Dec -- Day-shelter for P.G. Co. (housed at Univ. Christian Church on Adelphi Road. )
The Cottage is now a rental property The Uranga family has transitioned out and has moved into another home. So we have refurbished and reworked the cottage as a rental property to two professional persons and their pets. Thanks to Pat McConnell,  Marcie Burroughs and others for the upgrade. Silver River Realty Management Firm will oversee the rental. 
By the way . . do you know the 'Cottage Story' and history? Go  here

Young Adult Ministry  "Doves (of Good Shepherd)" 
The DOVES  began on Oct 21, 2017 and meet at 2 pm every Sunday. It is a product of our Hispanic Ministry outreach. The group is open to young adults -- single or married -- ages 18 - 25 (but that is soft!). The group mission and service will evolve over time. This is a Methodist "Safe Space" which means that the leadership is vetted for background and what is said at group STAYS at group, so that conversation is unfettered. If interested, contact Pastor Kathy by text (217.341.2181) so we know you are coming and we can have enough food. (Methodists can never have enough food!) Bring or invite friends. 

Interested in Liturgical Dance?
Pastor Kathy is seeking interested persons in K - 12 grades to be part of a Liturgical dance group that would perform periodically. She is looking to form the group in May so if you are interested . . . well, . . contact her. (Or Church office, whatever . . ) Don't just assume the group will form and you can join later; she would like to gauge interest soonest. Call. 
Rise Against Hunger!   (Formerly "Stop Hunger Now" . . . if only that easy . . )
On Sat. April 14th, eight persons from GSUMC plus 2 friends and family joined a "hunger packing event" at Colesville Presbyterian Church. They packed > 20,000 rice/soy-fortified RTE meals. Great job, gang!
Welcome Wendy . . to Church office secretary. 
Welcome to Wendy De La Roca Barrios! She will be taking over for Tiara (last day = July 5) in the church office. Wendy's first official day will be Mon July 9. She is a student at MoCollege, studying Business. She is also a GSUMC "Dove". 
Congrats to Admire Russell on Graduation from Wesley Theological Seminary on May 7th.  Proud of You!

Shoebox Christmas Mission Collection Items for July -- "fun things";  small toys, desk games (balls, jacks, Childrens' card games), small stuffed animals. Drop donations in the marked box in the Narthex. 

SEW What group . . . meets July 21, 10am in Parlor. Contact Marcie Burroughs for interest or questions. 

Confirmation Class -- for rising 7th, 8th, or 9th graders interested in taking C-Class beginning in Fall 2018 please contact Pastor Kathy or Church office. Check the calendar, but scheduled dates are Sundays July 8, 15, 22, and 29, after worship service, in the parlor or Youth room. August sessions will be in the evening (Aug 7, 14, 21, and 28) from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Other opportunities will be in Sept, Oct and Nov, which will be a large congregation-sized opportunity.

​GSUMC Street Feeding Ministries
Saturday, July 21  9am (prep starts) to maybe 12N or 1pm.  Volunteers are needed to prep food and then deliver to the nearby community.
The Balt-Wash Conference has adopted a Mission Statement. 

            "The mission of the BWC is to inspire and equip local faith communities                 to develop disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the                 world."