Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
The people of God, who are the Church made visible in the world, must convince the world of the reality of the gospel or leave it unconvinced. There can be no evasion or delegation of this responsibility; the Church is either faithful as a witnessing and serving community, or it loses its vitality and its impact on an unbelieving world.
-- The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church-- 2008

Every Sunday

8:00-10:00 am  Comforter's House Chapel -- Rm 8
8:00-10:00 am  Messengers of God -- Nook
9:00 am  Adult Sunday School -- in Parlor
10:30 am  GSUMC Standard Worship Service
2:00-3:00 pm   Latino Service
4:00-6:00 pm  Full Gospel Believers -- in Parlor
Agape Fri  10-11 pm  Sat 7:30 - 12 pm; Wed 6-9; Sun 6-9


                        Nov  2018

Thu  01  7:30 pm  Choir practice    (Lewis Hall)

Fri  02  10-11 pm  Agape  SDA   (Sanctuary)

Sat  03  9am - 2pm  Missions shoebox packing   (Lewis Hall)
​         7:30-12N and 6-9pm  Agape  SDA

Sun  04  8-10am  Comforter's Home Chapel   (Room 8)
         8-10 am  Church of Messengers of God  (Shepherd's Nook)
         9-10am  Adult Bible Study   (Parlor)
         --After Worship-- Tabitha Circle Luncheon   (Lewis Hall)
         2-4pm  Doves  (Youth Room)
         Spanish Language Pre-Service  1:30 and Service 2-3 pm
         10:30 am  Agape SDA Worship

Mon  05  Deborah Circle  1pm
         ESL class  6-9 pm    (Room 8  Youth Room)

Tue  06  Spanish Prayer 6pm
         --ELECTION DAY-  VOTE!!
         Doves:  Games & Food  5-11 pm 

Wed  07  ESL class  6-9pm   (Room 8  Youth Room)

Thu  08  Choir  7:30 pm 
         Rachel Circle  10am  at McConnell home

Sat  10  MGH S OGA Mtg   2:30  Parlor
         KDU  Parlor  6-8pm

         Acolyte/Parent meeting  After Service
         Poinsettia orders due
         Tabitha Circle mtg    Location and time TBA
         Begin SDA Revival  Nov  11-17

Mon  12  ESL class  6-9 pm  Room 8 and Youth room
         Deborah Circle  1pm  Parlor
         . . . SDA Revival  Nov 11-17

Tue  13  Spanish prayer  6pm
         . . . SDA Revival Nov 11-17

Wed  14  GS Day of Prayer and Fasting
         ESL class  6-9pm
         . . . SDA Revival  Nov 11-17

Thu  15  Choir  7:30 pm
         . . . SDA Revival  Nov 11-17

Sat  17  Street-feeding Ministry  (Lewis Hall)
         End  SDA Revival  Nov 11-17

Sun  18  Commitment Sunday -- Pledge!!
         Collegial Thanksgiving Service  3:30-6pm  Lewis Hall 6-8pm
         Ministry Leadership Mtg  After Morning Service  (Parlor)

Mon  19  Dove:  Treats for ESL  6pm
         ESL class  6-9pm

Tue  20  Spanish prayer  6pm
         LOVE Notes articles due!

Wed  21  Avery Park Assoc. Mtg  7:30 pm  Parlor
         Thanksgiving Eve Service  7:30 p.m

Thu  22  Thanksgiving Day

Sun  25  UMM Mtg.  After Service  Parlor

Mon  26  ESL class  6-9 pm

Tue  27  Spanish Prayer  6pm

Wed  28  Greater Wash District Committee Mtg on Ordain  9-3
         ESL class  6-9 pm

Thu  29  Choir  7:30 pm

Fri  30  'Hanging of the Greens'  9am

Dec  01  Rise Against Hunger (Formerly Stop Hunger Now)
         meal packing at Mowatt UMC in Greenbelt  8:30 am to 2 pm?

Looking Ahead         
Dec  02  First Sunday in Advent

Dec  08  Church Women United for Human Rights Day Brunch at Leis' World

Dec  15  "Doves" -- will shop for mini Christmas Trees and ornaments
         for GS-adopted families

Dec  16  Advent families presents, grocery cards, and stocking stuffers
         should be finalized and brought to church for deliveries
         to families.

Mid-Dec  No date yet for HOLIDAY SHOP for Broad Acres' kids to
         buy medium priced gifts for their parents and sibs'
         at cut-rate prices! 

Mid Dec  "Doves" -- will plan a ski-day at Liberty or similar. 

Dec  20  LOVE Notes articles for Jan are due today

Dec  24  Christmas Eve Services:   7:30 'Family';  and 11 pm 'Candlelight'

** the Food Pantry is constantly in need of replenishment. You can help.
  -- Buy one or more $10 food cards next time you grocery shop
  -- Buy extra of these (Just one grocery bag a month can help!)
     - dried beans and/or rice, coffee, flour, corn meal
     - Dried foods, Mac'n Cheese or 'just add water'
     - canned soups, sausages (Vienna), corn, beans (red and black)
     - crackers, peanut butter, cookies, cereals
     - ready to heat:  Chef Boyardee, Spaghettios, chili, heat-n-eat
     - nothing perishable, nothing out of date
     - NOTE: tend towards Latin American staples to make entire meals or
       extend a family meal: things like the beans, rice (2-lb bags),
       cornmeal (2-lb), canned tomatoes, flour (2-lb), soup stock, etc.
  -- Better-yet, if able, push a second cart for the food pantry.
     - Pay separately at checkout, keep receipt for tax purposes. 

  -- Most Costco and Sam's bulk items of canned and boxed food stuff still tends to be too big, even after breaking down the multi-packs. (e.g., commercial sized and 'value' sized portions of peanut butter, canned chili, et al, wherein, the cans or jars are the size of footballs and are really meant for businesses, buffets, picnics and bulk preparations.) It is best to shop at Safeway, Giant, Shoppers, Wal-Mart, Aldi, etc. for family or single-portion sizes. -- Try to use weekly coupons or discounts to save even more money on individual sized cans and jars, portions, and boxes.