Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
The people of God, who are the Church made visible in the world, must convince the world of the reality of the gospel or leave it unconvinced. There can be no evasion or delegation of this responsibility; the Church is either faithful as a witnessing and serving community, or it loses its vitality and its impact on an unbelieving world.
-- The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church-- 2008


Every Sunday

8:00-10:00 am  Comforter's House Chapel -- Rm 8
8:00-10:00 am  Messengers of God -- Nook
9:00 am  Adult Sunday School -- in Parlor
10:30 am  GSUMC Standard Worship Service
4:00-6:00 pm  Full Gospel Believers -- in Parlor
6-9 pm Agape 7th Day Adv' -- Sanctuary

Every Wednesday: 6pm Agape 7th Day Adventists (Sanctuary) 
Every Saturday:  7am-1pm; 3-4 pm; and 6-9 pm  Agape 7th Day Advt' 

​              July 2017

 . . . . Tue  11  GSUMC Day of Prayer and Fasting

Wed  12  6-7 pm  Neighborhood Walk

Thu  13  12-1 pm  Hour of Power @ 1st UMC
                       What is Hour of Power?  Thursdays 12N to 1pm
                       at First UMC in Hyattsville. All are welcome
                       to attend to have a bite to eat, hear a 
                       devotion, and have fellowship. 

Sat  15  9am - 2pm  UMM Street Feeding Ministry
         10 am  'SEW' What's New? group   (Parlor)

Sun  16  9 - 10 am  Bible Study   (Parlor)
         -- After Service -- Leadership Team Mtg.   (Parlor)
         3 - 5 pm   GS Latino Worship (Sanctuary)
         **See Below

Mon  17  Pastor schedule  Office  1:30-6:30 pm

Mon 17-21  Secretary's Vacation Week

Tue  18  Pastor Schedule  Office 9-11;  Appt 11-12;  office 12-5 pm
         10-11 am  Food Pantry is open
         6:30-7:30 pm  Neighborhood Walk

Wed  19  Pastor Schedule  Office  1-9 pm with mid-aft' appt elsewhere
         7:30 pm Avery Park Tenant Assoc' Mtg  (Parlor)

Thu  20  Pastor Schedule  Offsite mtgs 9-1;  office 2-5 pm
         12-1 Hour of Power @ 1st UMC

Fri  21  Pastor Schedule  Office 9 - 5 pm
         4:30-7 pm  Shepherd's Table

Sat  22  Pastor Schedule   Day off. Sabbath day.

Sun  23  9-10 am Bible Study  (Parlor)
         3-5 pm  GS Latino Service  (Sanctuary)
         ** See below 

Mon  24  6:30 pm Laity Cluster Mtg.  (Parlor)

Tue  25  10-11 am  Food Pantry is open

Wed  26  6:30-7:30 pm  Neighborhood Walk

Thu  27  12-1 pm  Hour of Power @ 1st UMC

Sun  30  9-10 am Bible Study  (Parlor)
         3-5 pm GS Latino Worship  (Sanctuary)
         ** See Below

     ** July 9, 16, 23, and 30  Children's Signing Choir rehearsal
                             last 10 minutes of Worship       

                August   2017

Thu  03  12 - 1 pm  Hour of Power @ First UMC

Fri  04  5-6 pm   Neighborhood Walk

Sun  06  --After Service -- Women's group BBQ luncheon
                            $5.00/adults   $2.00/chil'en
         3-5 pm  GS Latino Service

Mon  07  4:30-7:30 pm  Shepherd's Table

Tue  08  GS's Day for Prayer and Fasting

Thu  10  12 - 1 pm  Hour of Power @ First UMC

Sat  12  10am - 3pm  'ONE DAY' VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL
This year VBS will be a 1-day event on Sat Aug 12: 10 am to 3 pm at GSUMC. Adults and Pastors from all 7 cluster churches will participate! Paulette Brown will coordinate lunch and Matt Letts will oversee decorations and set up . Each church in turn will contribute food, crafts, activities, aides, and such. For more info contact the GS Church office.

Sun  13  --After Service--  Tabitha Circle  (Shep' Nook)
         3 - 5 pm  GS Latino Service
         ** See Below

 ***Pastor Kathy will be on Vacation Aug 13 - 25.  On Sun/20 the pulpit will be covered by our GSUMC Minister Candidate Admire Russell. In case of 'Pastor' emergency, please call Pastor Israel Suarez at 301-310-2158

Tue  15  10 - 11 am Food Pantry is open

Thu  17  12 - 1 pm Hour of Power at First UMC

Fri  18  4:30-7:30 pm Shepherd's Table

Sat  19  10 am  'SEW' What group  (Parlor)

Sun  20  Service:  Admire Russell will give Sermon and preside
         --After Service--  Trustees mtg.  (Parlor)
         3-5 pm GS Latino Service
         ** See Below

Mon  21  4:30-7:30 pm  Shepherd's Table

Tue  22  10-11 am  Food pantry is open

Thu  24  7:30 pm Chancel Choir practice returns after summer break
         12 - 1 pm  Hour of Power @ First UMC

Fri  25  Charge Conference Reports Due in Office!

Sun  27  3-5 pm  GS Latino Service
         ** See Below

Thu  31  7:30 pm  Chancel Choir practice
         12 - 1 pm  Hour of Power at First UMC

         ** Aug 13, 20, and 27  Children's Signing Choir rehearsal
                           last 10 minutes of Worship

Looking Ahead     

Sept 19   Cluster Charge Conference   7pm    (at GSUMC)  ​

May 18-20 2018  Make plans to celebrate women of the UMW in mission
                and at home at "Quadrennial Assembly in Columbus, OH"
                This inspiring assembly and gathering of UMW women "doers"
                occurs every so often. Google this event for more info.

** the Food Pantry is constantly in need of replenishment. You can help.
  -- Buy one or more $10 food cards next time you grocery shop
  -- Buy extra of these (Just one grocery bag a month can help!)
     - dried beans and/or rice, coffee, flour, corn meal
     - Dried foods, Mac'n Cheese or 'just add water'
     - canned soups, sausages (Vienna), corn, beans (red and black)
     - crackers, peanut butter, cookies, cereals
     - ready to heat:  Chef Boyardee, Spaghettios, chili, heat-n-eat
     - nothing perishable, nothing out of date
     - NOTE: tend towards Latin American staples to make entire meals or
       extend a family meal: things like the beans, rice (2-lb bags),
       cornmeal (2-lb), canned tomatoes, flour (2-lb), soup stock, etc.
  -- Better-yet, if able, push a second cart for the food pantry.
     - Pay separately at checkout, keep receipt for tax purposes. 

  -- Most Costco and Sam's bulk items of canned and boxed food stuff still tends to be too big, even after breaking down the multi-packs. (e.g., commercial sized and 'value' sized portions of peanut butter, canned chili, et al, wherein, the cans or jars are the size of footballs and are really meant for businesses, buffets, picnics and bulk preparations.) It is best to shop at Safeway, Giant, Shoppers, Wal-Mart, Aldi, etc. for family or single-portion sizes. -- Try to use weekly coupons or discounts to save even more money on individual sized cans and jars, portions, and boxes.