Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
History and Past Service
History                                                                                         History mostly thru 2005

During the years immediately following the end of World War II, the area north of the District of Columbia along the New Hampshire Ave / Colesville Road / Georgia Avenue corridors experienced a period of exceptional growth.  By mid-1950 it became apparent to the leaders of Marvin Memorial Methodist Church, then the principal Methodist Church serving the area and still located at Four Corners (intersection of US 29 and Colesville Road) that the facilities of MMC would soon be inadequate to support this growing population.

The obvious solution was to establish a new Methodist congregation and to this end a building site selection committee was appointed in July 1950.  Through the assistance of Dr. Phillip C. Edwards, then District Superintendent of the Washington East District, the Washington Methodist Union, in February 1953, provided $20,000 for the purchase of 2.296 acres of the Sheffres property on the crest of a hill at New Hampshire Avenue and Oakview Drive.

Awaiting the day when the fledgling congregation could build, Good Shepherd began with a temporary home in the social hall on the upper floor of the Hillandale Fire Station on October 4, 1953.  Dr. Edwards officiated at our first service.  Sixteen people were present.  Dr. Edwards and Chaplain Heather alternated in preaching until our first minister, Gordon C. Keesee, Jr., was appointed.

In less than three years, the congregation grew to one hundred and fifty members and, on Palm Sunday, March 25, 1956, it consecrated its first building, T. Lamar Jackson Hall.  Mr. Jackson had been an area farmer and businessman and a member of the old Mt. Pisgah Church until the 1920's.  (Years later, this "yellow cottage" property was repurchased from Mr. Philip Rovner. ) 

Soon after the construction of Jackson Hall the residence adjacent to and south of the Church was acquired in April 1956.  It was used as a parsonage through June 1987, thereafter, rented, and eventually sold in 1997. Following six years of steady growth, the friendly and talented congregation, many employeed in State and Federal Government, numbered more than 600 members and was ready to build its sanctuary, consecrated on March 17, 1963.  The social hall beneath the sanctuary was named Lewis Memorial Fellowship Hall in honor of a large group of mature members who transferred from Lewis Memorial Methodist Church in Washington D.C. when that church was sold.  The former sanctuary and social hall in Jackson Hall were divided into classrooms and offices.

In July 1973, in addition to a new pipe organ, Good Shepherd purchased the Pisgah Hill House (on the corner of Mt. Pisgah Road / Oakview Drive) to be used as a meeting and residence facility. After Mr. Rovner's death, his cottage, next to the "Hill" house, was purchased by the Church in July 1998.  Some of the proceeds from the sale of the former parsonage were applied to repairs necessary to bring the cottage up to current code for use as transitional housing in partnership with the Silver Spring Interfaith Housing Coalition.  (See Story of the Yellow Cottage.) 

In November 2005, the church voted to proceed with the proposed building project to construct a new entrance off Mt. Pisgah Road, inclusive of a lift, handicap accessible restrooms, new foyer, and other amenities. Concurrently, the church voted to improve the HVAC system and to replace and relocate the church message board along New Hampshire Avenue.  

In 2023 the pews were sanded and restained in a sanctuary-wide refresh. On October 1, 2023, GS held a 70th Anniversary service.
C. Gordon Keesee, Jr.                          12/53 to 6/56
Herbert L. D. Doggett                            6/56 to 6/66
Elgar C. Soper                                      7/66 to 6/72
Edison M. Amos                                   7/72 to 6/78
James P. Archibald                               7/78 to 6/87
H. William Heslop                                 7/87 to 3/96
David E. Stum                                      7/96 to 12/03
Joye Jones                                           1/2004 to 6/2016
Kathy Lossau                                        7/2016 to 6/2019
DaeHwa Park (Part-time)                     7/2019 to present
Assistant or Student Pastors
John Dubois                                         6/64 to 5/66
James E. Chance                                 6/66 to 6/68
Paul E. Robinson                                 7/68 to 5/71
Frank E. Trotter                                    6/71 to 5/75
Howard Walseman                               5/75 to 7/77
Dale Austin                                         10/77 to 9/78
Wayne Bender                                     10/78 to 4/82
Dave Harris                                           5/82 to 6/83
Yvonne Williams                                   9/83 to 6/84
Gay Bulach                                          7/84 to 12/84
Lori Hoffman                                        10/86 to 2/89
Peter DeGroote                                     7/92 to 6/93
Anthony Carr                                         6/93 to 8/93
Marianne M. Meier                                9/93 to 5/95
Glenda Condon                                     8/95 to 8/96
Jonathon A. Fitzjohn                             1/97 to 1/99
Brian Ross                                             circa 2004-05
Amanda Sweet                                     circa 2007
Paige Wheeler                                      circa 2009
Admire Russell                                      circa 2017-present
Tony and Laura Ferro                           present                                    

Directors of Christian Education, Youth Ministries, and Program Ministries
DCE Kim Newport                                6/77 to 5/78
DCE Rebecca Righter                           9/78 to 9/79
DPM Mary O. Baugh                             9/79 to 5/83
DCE Marilyn Clark                                6/83 to 2/88
MCE Chiewlen Teo Pang                       7/89 to 10/98
Rev. Lisa Graine                                   9/99 to 6/00
Elizabeth Nyang                                   8/00 to 10/02
Rev. Jacqulyn Thorpe                            10/00 to 10/02
DYM James Boyd                                10/03 to 6/04
DYM Stacey Matthews                         10/04 to 6/13
DYM Lee J. Schrieber                           11/14 to 2018
Christiana Campbell                              present
Directors of Music
Wade R. Currier                                    5/54 to 9/65
Kenneth Pennington                             10/65 to 9/66
James T. Anthony                                 10/66 to 10/67
Peter Tramontana                                 10/67 to 9/79
Letha (Lee) H. Moon                              9/79 to 6/99
Nancy Almquist                                    7/99 to 6/2013
Norm Crarery                                        7/2013 to 2019
Elizabeth Dumas Schneider                  2019 to 2021
Dr. Szu-Yi Li                                           2021 to present

Organists / Pianists
Dorothy Preisser                                   10/53 to 9/65.
Andrea Haines                                      10/65 to 9/66
James T. Anthony                                 11/66 to 10/67
Rosemary Hyler                                    10/67 to 6/68
Marian Sharp                                         7/68 to 9/68
Elizabeth Freeman                                11/68 to 3/73
Holly Pierce (Oberle)                              3/73 to 5/77
Irma Lee Warner (Seek)                         8/77 to 3/80
Thomas Andrew                                    4/80 to 1/86
Teresa Ann Sly (Perper)                         3/86 to 12/91
Diane Atkins                                         1/92 to 10/01
Stephen Pruitt                                     11/01 to 6/02
Stuart Trott                                           9/02 to 11/02
Christopher Krug                                   2/03 to 11/05
Elizabeth Schneider                              11/05 to 2013
Steven Dunn                                         Interim, 2013
Norm Crarery                                        7/2013 to 2018
Elizabeth Dumas Schneider                 2019 to 2021
Dr. Szu-Yi Li                                          present