Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
Church Officers and Contacts
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
9701 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland  20903-2300
Office Hours:  M - F    8:00 am to 3:00 pm
(301) 434-3331 or -3332
Fax:  (301) 434-1060
Services at 10:30 am Sundays
Nursery care is available during services

The Ministers of this Church are its members.
Those who assist them are:

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Opportunities to Get Involved 
Hospitality Teams Always Welcome!
Help with beverages and snacks in "Coffee hour" after Sunday services. All food/coffee/snacks etc. is already provided -- you just help organize to put it out and serve. 
Be a Sunday Greeter (Team)  Ideal for spouses, families, or parent/child teams.  Arrive 45 min early and stand in Narthex and greet everyone on Sunday mornings. 
Count the Offering.  We need volunteers once a month to help count the offering. Contact the Church Office
Be an Usher  This is a great way to serve your church with minimal investment in time beyond showing up on your designated Sundays to serve. Besides, you're already there anyway, right? Also a great way to meet more folks. Usher teams rotate every five months. Duties include setting up the microphones, posting the hymn numbers on the boards at the front of the sanctuary, passing out programs, collecting the offering (but not counting it) and doing a walk-thru/pick-up after the service. That's it! Please contact the Church office or see an usher in church.

Acolytes Needed Youth 15 and older to light candles during services, etc.  Contact Carolyn Brannon.
Nursery Volunteers Contact the Church Office

Conference                   Baltimore/Washington

Bishop                           Rev. LaTrelle Easterling

Dist' Supt'                     Rev. Gerard A. Green, Jr.  (Greater Wash' District)

Senior Minister           Rev. Kathy Lossau

Spanish Language Minister        Tony & Laura Ferro

Director Youth Ministries           Valerie Campbell

​Organist/Music Director             Dr. Elizabeth Dumas Schneider

Sexton                           Peter Ayok

Office Secretary           Wendy De La Roca Barrios

Nursery Coordinator  Glennis Palmer and Vera Davies

​Philip Palmer, Sr.   (Chair, Adult Education Coordinator, Interim UMM Pres.)
Francess Tagoe   (Lay Leader)
Priscilla Michell   (Lay Member of Annual Conference)
Valerie Campbell   (Youth Coordinator)
Leilani McConnell   (Recording secretary, kitchen coordinator, History
                                       and Archives)
Andre Small    (Finance Chair)
Victor Cole   (Treasurer)
Idowoo Boss-Cole   (Financial Secretary)
UMM President   (Philip Palmer, Sr., Interim)
UMW President   (pending . . )
Marcie Burroughs   (Trustee Co-Chair. New officers to be elected in 2019)
Dunston Thomas   (Trustee Co-Chair. New officers to be elected in 2019)
Nathan Block   (SPRC Chair)
Paulette Brown   (Endowment Chair, Food Pantry Coordinator)
Christiana Campbell  (Children's Ministry and Christian Education)
Janice Taggart   (Missions Team Chair)
Matt Letts   (Hispanic Ministries Co-Chair)
Tony & Laura Ferro   (Hispanic Ministries Co-Chair)
Timothy Afolabi   (Usher Coordinator)
Philip Palmer, Jr.   (Collection Counting Coordinator)
Joesephine Palmer   (member at-large)
Xochilt Martinez   (member at-large)

Class of 2019                    Class of 2020                       Class of 2021
Glee Prahinski                      Nathan Block                            Saundra Craig
Philip Palmer, Sr.                Vera Davies                               James Kargbo
                                                 Gladys Palmer                         Frances Bakarr
                   Lay Leader:  Francess Tagoe
                   Lay Member of Annual Conference:  Priscilla Michell

FINANCE TEAM    Chair:  Andre Small      Vice-Chair:  Sunil Christopher
​Victor Cole                            Andre Small                              Philip Palmer, Sr.
James Kargbo                      Idowoo Boss-Cole                    Philip Palmer, Jr.
Francess Tagoe                    Priscilla Michell                       Trustee's Rep.
Christian Davies

TRUSTEES TEAM    Co-Chairs:   Dunston Thomas and Marcie Burroughs
Class of 2019                    Class of 2020                      Class of 2021    
Timothy Afolabi                   Pat McConnell                         Dunstan Thomas
Marcie Burroughs               Carol Penne (secretary)         Joseph Porter
Carlos Cruz                           Glee Prahinski                         Bintu Murphy
Trustee in training:  Stuart Coxic (Young Adults/Doves)

Chair:  Rev. Kathy Lossau
Class of 2019                    Class of 2020                     Class of 2021
Gladys Palmer                          Matt Letts                           Elizabeth Sawyerr
Suzanne Mattews-Williams  Frances Bakarr                   Peggy Andrews
Lay Leader:  Francess Tagoe

MISSIONS TEAM      Chair:  Janice Taggart
Carol Penne                           Leilani McConnell               Eleanor Newman
Phylomena Black                  Marcie Burroughs               Vernice Lee
Elizabeth Sawyerr                Glee Prahinski 

Co-Chairs:  Matt Letts / Tony & Laura Ferro
Matt Letts                              Tony Ferro                            Laura Ferro
Wendy Barrios (Doves Rep)  Jason Morales (Doves)   Jeshua Ferro (Doves)
Carlos Cruz                            Xochilit Cruz

ENDOWMENT TEAM      Chair:  Paulette Brown
Philip Palmer, Sr.                 Jacqueline Jones-Dove       Godswill Okoji
Paulette Brown                     Priscilla Michell

WORSHIP TEAM      Chair: Pastor Kathy   Vice-Chair: Elizabeth Schneider
Saundra Craig                       Victor Cole                             Glee Prahinski
Youth Rep -- to be named

Christian Education Team Coordinator:  Christiana Campbell and Matt Letts

Adult Education Coordinator:  Philip Palmer, Sr.

Nursery Coordinator:  Stacey Matthews

Kitchen Coordinator:  Leilani McConnell

History and Archives:  Leilani McConnell

Usher Coordinator:  Timothy Afolabi

Website:  Neil Spiller

Collection Counter Coordinator:  Philip Palmer, Jr.

Communion Steward and Server Coordinator:  Jackie Holder

Acolyte Coordinators:  Abie Ngala and Carolyn Brannon

Fellowship Coordinator:  Dunston Thomas

Guest Church Coordinatoer:  Bintu Murphy

2 pm Sunday Service Preacher:  Tony Ferro

2 pm Collection Counter Coordinator:  Jeshua Ferro

Ordinal Candidate:  Admire Russell

Spanish Language Discipleship Training:  Tony and Laura Ferro